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Rank Name Raised
371st Otto Enax Otto Enax $533
372nd Terry Osborne Oldenburg Terry Osborne Oldenburg $533
373rd Charles McElhose Charles McElhose $532
374th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings $532
375th John Earnhardt John Earnhardt $531
376th JR Rogers JR Rogers $530
377th Dan Wilson Dan Wilson $530
378th John Roulo John Roulo $529
379th Zoe Elewitz Zoe Elewitz $529
380th Allen Bunn Allen Bunn $529
381st David Axtell David Axtell $528
382nd Patrick J McDonald Patrick J McDonald $527
382nd Trevor Dilley Trevor Dilley $527
384th Gary Weatherholtz Gary Weatherholtz $525
384th Kimberly Woods Kimberly Woods $525
386th ANDREW R Lim ANDREW R Lim $525
387th Kimberly Dixson Kimberly Dixson $525
388th Miguel Villegas Miguel Villegas $524
389th Zach Adams Zach Adams $524
390th Adrian Venegas Mena Adrian Venegas Mena $523