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Rank Name Raised
2525th Lori Thill Lori Thill 3years $124
2525th Magnus Jennemyr Magnus Jennemyr $124
2525th Marcus Feick Marcus Feick $124
2525th Mark Helber Mark Helber 7years $124
2525th Mark Monaco Mark Monaco 4years $124
1548th Marlene Ortiz Marlene Ortiz 3years $124
2525th Mary Lee Hilt Mary Lee Hilt 4years $124
2525th Mary Lynn Grizzell Mary Lynn Grizzell 4years $124
2525th Matt Kroll Matt Kroll $124
2525th Meg Halford Meg Halford 2years $124
2525th Megan Conravey Megan Conravey 2years $124
2525th Michael Manning Michael Manning 2years $124
2525th Michael Menna Michael Menna 3years $124
2525th Michael Rice Michael Rice 5years $124
2525th Michelle Christine Michelle Christine 3years $124
2525th Mike Cline Mike Cline $124
2525th Milton Feliciano Milton Feliciano 5years $124
6471st Nancy Pluzdrak Nancy Pluzdrak 2years $124
2525th Nichole Selfridge Nichole Selfridge 3years $124
2525th Ojas Bapat Ojas Bapat 2years $124