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Rank Name Raised
3093rd Ahmad Ali Ahmad Ali 2years $1,022
3094th Jane Dargatz Jane Dargatz 3years $1,021
3095th Jerry COLLETTI Jerry COLLETTI $1,021
3096th Lindsey Warner Lindsey Warner $1,021
3097th Dru Carney Dru Carney $1,021
3098th Chad Williams Chad Williams 2years $1,021
3099th Mark Mitri Mark Mitri 3years $1,021
3100th John Fischer John Fischer 2years $1,021
3101st Jesse Lindlbauer Jesse Lindlbauer 3years $1,021
3102nd Brenda Cochran Brenda Cochran 2years $1,021
3102nd David Sheffler David Sheffler 3years $1,021
3104th Peter LaFay Peter LaFay 4years $1,020
3105th Paul DeYoung Paul DeYoung 2years $1,020
3106th Kimberly Reed Kimberly Reed 2years $1,020
3107th Chuck Hathaway Chuck Hathaway 5years $1,020
3108th Kris Hofstedt Kris Hofstedt 2years $1,020
3109th Leonardo Stella Leonardo Stella 2years $1,020
3110th Kristen Anderson Kristen Anderson $1,019
3111th Angel Castrillo Angel Castrillo 6years $1,019
3112th Sarah Ketchersid Sarah Ketchersid 4years $1,019