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Rank Name Raised
3230th Sandy Messerle Sandy Messerle 2years $111
3231st Ashley M Wells Ashley M Wells 2years $111
3231st Cameron Brown Cameron Brown $111
3231st Chuck Gregory Chuck Gregory 2years $111
3231st Dennis Schafer Dennis Schafer 2years $111
3231st Glennis Hodgkins Glennis Hodgkins $111
3231st John Megan Winterfeld John Megan Winterfeld 2years $111
3231st Monika Janik Monika Janik 3years $111
3231st Rick Behrens Rick Behrens $111
3231st Robert Craig Abbott Robert Craig Abbott 6years $111
3231st Stacie Harder Stacie Harder 3years $111
3242nd Maria Ashby Maria Ashby $111
3243rd Justin Archuleta Justin Archuleta $110
3244th Jon Purvis Jon Purvis $110
3245th Billy Brown Billy Brown $110
3245th Jenny French Jenny French 5years $110
3245th Jessica Schaak Jessica Schaak $110
3245th Scott Riddle Scott Riddle $110
3245th Steven Pinter II Steven Pinter II 2years $110