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Rank Name Raised
3236th Christopher Michael Fernandez Christopher Michael Fernandez 2years $1,061
1358th Sheila Rathke Sheila Rathke 4years $1,061
3237th Paul Benson Paul Benson 4years $1,061
3237th Steve Stilwell Steve Stilwell 6years $1,061
3239th Barbara Geiger Barbara Geiger 7years $1,060
12850th Manoj Dattatreya Manoj Dattatreya $1,060
3240th Michael Couts Michael Couts 2years $1,060
3241st Jaclynn Guilfoyle Jaclynn Guilfoyle 3years $1,059
3242nd Joel Dion Joel Dion $1,059
3243rd John Bakalar John Bakalar 2years $1,059
3244th Chuck Burns Chuck Burns 3years $1,059
3245th Bethany Zakrzewski Bethany Zakrzewski 3years $1,059
3246th John Karen John Karen 2years $1,059
3247th Ritika CHATTERJEE Ritika CHATTERJEE 2years $1,059
3248th Sam Vetri Sam Vetri 2years $1,058
3249th Milton Feliciano Milton Feliciano 4years $1,058
3250th Diane Loughrey Diane Loughrey 2years $1,058
3251st Maureen Nasser Maureen Nasser $1,058
3252nd Robyn Trezza Robyn Trezza $1,058
3253rd Clifford  Wilcox Clifford Wilcox $1,058