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Rank Name Raised
N/A Christian Valencia Christian Valencia $0
N/A Christian VanSickle Christian VanSickle $0
N/A Christian Veatch Christian Veatch $0
N/A Christian Velez Christian Velez $0
N/A Christian Vera Christian Vera $0
N/A Christian Viera Christian Viera $0
N/A Christian Watters Christian Watters $0
N/A Christian Wheatley Christian Wheatley $0
N/A Christian Wyatt Christian Wyatt $0
N/A Christiana Beck Christiana Beck $0
N/A Christie Bruce Christie Bruce $0
N/A Christie Danielle Christie Danielle $0
N/A Christie F Christie F $0
N/A Christie Ko Christie Ko $0
N/A Christie Lynn Tondu Christie Lynn Tondu $0
N/A Christie P Christie P $0
2174th Christie Witt Christie Witt $100
N/A Christie Yanez-Quisno Christie Yanez-Quisno $0
N/A Christin Edis Christin Edis $0
N/A Christina Archuleta Christina Archuleta $0