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Rank Name Raised
7958th Sue Culler Sue Culler 2years $21
7958th Susan Deasey Susan Deasey 3years $21
7958th Susan Stoltze Susan Stoltze $21
7958th Susan Wellen Susan Wellen 2years $21
7958th Tammy Zalucky Tammy Zalucky $21
7958th Terry Lee Mautz Terry Lee Mautz $21
7958th Thomas Martin Thomas Martin $21
7958th Tiffany Gwinn Tiffany Gwinn 2years $21
7958th Tiffany Snider Tiffany Snider 2years $21
7958th Tim Lake Tim Lake 3years $21
7958th Timmy Schrag Timmy Schrag $21
7958th Tina D. McDonald Tina D. McDonald $21
7958th Tom Osborne Tom Osborne 3years $21
7958th Tracey Aylor Tracey Aylor $21
7958th Tracy Foote Tracy Foote $21
7958th Tracy King Tracy King 4years $21
7958th Valerie Robinson Valerie Robinson 2years $21
7958th Veronica Linn Veronica Linn $21
7958th Victor Morfin Victor Morfin 6years $21
7958th Victoria Masters-Konopasek Victoria Masters-Konopasek $21