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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mary Covert-Mason Mary Covert-Mason $0
674th Mary Girouard Mary Girouard $47
762nd Mary Paskett Mary Paskett $35
509th Mary Taragowski-Foy Mary Taragowski-Foy $75
N/A Matt burkhard Matt burkhard $0
N/A Matt Hooper Matt Hooper $0
N/A Matt Rafferty Matt Rafferty $0
344th Matt Rassette Matt Rassette $134
N/A Matthew Dodd Matthew Dodd $0
N/A Matthew Pyhala Matthew Pyhala $0
N/A Merle Fenner Merle Fenner $0
N/A Michael Clanin Michael Clanin $0
N/A Michael Cohen Michael Cohen $0
N/A Michael Easterly Michael Easterly $0
N/A Michael Kilburn Michael Kilburn $0
N/A Michael Lucchesi Michael Lucchesi $0
361st Michael Reimers Michael Reimers $124
N/A Michael T Johnson Michael T Johnson $0
N/A Michele Arnold Michele Arnold $0
N/A Michelle Burrell Michelle Burrell $0