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Rank Name Raised
10203rd Fred Kalita Fred Kalita 2years $368
6463rd James Chaves James Chaves 7years $615
9417th LeeAnn Perea LeeAnn Perea 2years $471
N/A Patrick Mills Patrick Mills 3years $0
N/A Daniel Noud Daniel Noud 2years $0
24th Kenny Weddle Kenny Weddle 3years $12,085
4208th Steven Larky Steven Larky $868
668th Mike Hassett Mike Hassett 3years $2,831
950th Bradley Marks Bradley Marks $2,511
N/A Adam Denton Adam Denton 2years $0
N/A Jon Vosghanian Jon Vosghanian 2years $0
15823rd Jesse Ortiz Jesse Ortiz $57
15285th Rafael Arias Rafael Arias $72
8287th Fran Shipley Fran Shipley $515
N/A Sabas Guevara Sabas Guevara $0
N/A Syd Shoaf Syd Shoaf 2years $0
9530th Jan Verrinder Jan Verrinder 2years $455
6766th Tom Raley Tom Raley 2years $596
4197th Heriberto Torres Heriberto Torres 3years $870
N/A Kenny Andrews Kenny Andrews $0