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Rank Name Raised
244th Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey 5years $1,031
245th Jim Norris Jim Norris 4years $1,029
246th Judy Coe Rapaport Judy Coe Rapaport 3years $1,029
247th Emily Lane Emily Lane 6years $1,028
248th Kenzie Pete DeLaine Kenzie Pete DeLaine 3years $1,026
249th Rex Saffer Rex Saffer 2years $1,025
250th Emily Gauthier Emily Gauthier $1,020
251st Navin Rayamajhi Navin Rayamajhi $1,020
252nd Joanne Weinoe Joanne Weinoe $1,019
253rd Enver Bristina Enver Bristina 2years $1,019
254th Robert Minnucci Robert Minnucci 4years $1,015
255th Ellen Penn Ellen Penn 4years $1,014
256th Lynn Lopez Lynn Lopez 7years $1,009
257th Jeremy Wolf Jeremy Wolf 2years $1,007
258th Russell Koons Russell Koons 2years $1,005
259th Jennifer Morales Jennifer Morales 5years $1,004
260th Vugar Shahtakhtinskiy Vugar Shahtakhtinskiy $1,004
261st Anel Tabak Anel Tabak $1,002
262nd Crystal Parrish Crystal Parrish $1,000
262nd G Terence Leslie G Terence Leslie 6years $1,000