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Rank Name Raised
6250th Betsey Hjertstedt Betsey Hjertstedt $502
10535th Cindy Wallace Cindy Wallace 7years $116
7765th Angel Fraley Angel Fraley 3years $505
8530th Gary Treven Gary Treven 4years $252
5331st Jake Prokop Jake Prokop 3years $553
N/A Alex Mendez Alex Mendez 2years $0
297th Nancy Empey Nancy Empey 4years $3,574
N/A Idaniss Fuentes Idaniss Fuentes 3years $0
11463rd Len Portillo Len Portillo $78
2571st Thomas Torres Thomas Torres 7years $1,006
580th Castolina Franco Castolina Franco $2,593
9124th Jacob N Hacker Jacob N Hacker 3years $207
2048th Jennifer Dye Jennifer Dye 5years $1,152
2715th Timothy Hollmann Timothy Hollmann 5years $972
8003rd Teresa Wright Terrian Teresa Wright Terrian 3years $486
12889th Christopher Myers Christopher Myers 2years $36
N/A Johnny Ayo Johnny Ayo 2years $0
15021st Jason O'Connor Jason O'Connor 3years $10
1096th Oscar Gonzalez Oscar Gonzalez 2years $1,759
6051st Royce Myers Royce Myers 2years $507