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Rank Name Raised
7634th Patricia Vazquez Patricia Vazquez 2years $500
7635th Harry Ross Harry Ross 2years $499
7636th Andy Meginniss Andy Meginniss $499
7637th Barbara Perez Barbara Perez $215
7637th Patrick Broussard Patrick Broussard $499
7638th Peter Cook Peter Cook $499
7639th Anthony Urso Anthony Urso 4years $499
7640th Joe Bradbury Joe Bradbury $499
7641st Katie Johnson Katie Johnson 2years $499
7642nd Julie Alderink Julie Alderink 5years $498
7643rd Jonathan Mensch Jonathan Mensch 6years $498
7644th Siddharth Nimkar Siddharth Nimkar 2years $498
7645th Jordan Rundle Jordan Rundle 2years $498
7646th Rohit Sachdev Rohit Sachdev 2years $498
7647th Jina Jani Jina Jani $498
7648th Alberto Bustamante Alberto Bustamante 2years $498
7649th Wade Hansen Wade Hansen 6years $498
7650th Jim Ludtke Jim Ludtke 2years $497
7651st Guadalupe M. Mehi Guadalupe M. Mehi 2years $497
7652nd Michelle Badolato Michelle Badolato 2years $497