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Rank Name Raised
7887th Eva Storey Eva Storey 2years $529
7888th Yessica Chacon Yessica Chacon 2years $529
7889th Frederick Kellermann Frederick Kellermann 3years $529
7890th Melody Williamson Melody Williamson 2years $529
7891st Chris Burns Chris Burns $529
7892nd bill fairweather bill fairweather $529
7893rd Luz Ramos Luz Ramos 3years $529
7894th Raymond Ruiz Raymond Ruiz 3years $529
7895th Adam Greenwald Adam Greenwald $529
7895th Rob Handschuh Rob Handschuh 3years $529
7897th John Cade John Cade $529
7898th Gary Patrick Gary Patrick 3years $529
8867th Kris Blair Kris Blair $528
7899th Robert Jones Robert Jones $528
7900th Jacob Payne Jacob Payne 3years $528
7901st Gail Ross Gail Ross $528
7902nd Danelle Doernbrack Danelle Doernbrack 6years $528
7902nd John Dudek John Dudek $528
7904th William Wheeler William Wheeler 4years $528
7905th Corrie Potter Corrie Potter 3years $528