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Rank Name Raised
N/A Galen Horton Galen Horton 4years $0
6343rd James Cates James Cates $621
15212th Frank Nieves Frank Nieves 2years $76
6624th Patti Snyder Clark Patti Snyder Clark 6years $603
1289th Jonathan Rutherford Jonathan Rutherford 4years $1,948
2775th Tracy Ommundsen Tracy Ommundsen $274
4205th Sonja Galloway Sonja Galloway $862
242nd Bob Taylor Bob Taylor 4years $4,304
11538th Mary Dooley Mary Dooley $250
7398th Scott Riddle Scott Riddle $555
N/A Jesse Jones Jesse Jones $0
7371st Linda Porter Linda Porter 4years $556
7128th Phil Wojcinski Phil Wojcinski $569
8512th Phillip Jowers Phillip Jowers 2years $508
8066th Tom Gulick Tom Gulick 4years $520
1843rd Kelly Bair Kelly Bair 3years $1,532
6570th George Massad George Massad $605
10943rd Brigham Tanton Brigham Tanton $293
N/A Brandon Harris Brandon Harris 2years $0
14202nd Paul Longenecker Paul Longenecker 2years $104