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Rank Name Raised
77th Sally rech Sally rech 3years $1,725
78th Larry Schieve Larry Schieve 4years $1,711
79th Greg Stein Greg Stein $1,704
80th Ben Miller Ben Miller $1,697
81st David Dominguez David Dominguez $1,672
82nd Megan Beyers Megan Beyers 2years $1,664
83rd Jeremy Smyth Jeremy Smyth $1,663
84th Diane Downing Diane Downing 2years $1,662
85th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 3years $1,660
86th Crawford A. Higgins II Crawford A. Higgins II 2years $1,649
87th Lynn Nichols Lynn Nichols 2years $1,642
88th Alexander Gershenson Alexander Gershenson $1,640
89th Jim White Jim White 2years $1,640
90th Dianna Reynolds Dianna Reynolds $1,638
91st Jerome Burgess Jerome Burgess 5years $1,636
92nd Chad Velta Chad Velta 3years $1,612
92nd Kaitlyn Holderman Kaitlyn Holderman $1,304
93rd Saravana Kumar Saravana Kumar 3years $1,608
94th Randall Yagiela Randall Yagiela 2years $1,604
95th Elizabeth Potter Elizabeth Potter 2years $1,598