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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jacob Menne Jacob Menne $0
N/A Jacob Tatlock Jacob Tatlock $0
N/A Jacob Will Jacob Will $0
N/A Jacqueline Kinkade Jacqueline Kinkade $0
N/A Jacquelyn Fields McArthur Jacquelyn Fields McArthur $0
N/A James Allen James Allen $0
N/A James Chohrach James Chohrach $0
N/A James Fletcher James Fletcher $0
N/A James Long James Long $0
N/A James Piazza James Piazza $0
N/A James Rathburn James Rathburn $0
N/A James Scott James Scott $0
N/A James Smith James Smith $0
N/A James Sweeney James Sweeney $0
N/A James Worobe James Worobe $0
N/A Jamie Goff Jamie Goff $0
N/A Jamie Pelletier Jamie Pelletier $0
N/A Jan Dritsas Jan Dritsas $0
N/A Jane Dargatz Jane Dargatz $0
N/A Janet Graham Janet Graham $0