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Rank Name Raised
3149th Cali Cravens Cali Cravens 2years $1,078
3150th George Ganser George Ganser 2years $1,078
3151st Audrey Spradling Audrey Spradling 2years $1,077
3152nd Michael Ortega Michael Ortega 2years $1,076
3153rd Judy Coe Rapaport Judy Coe Rapaport 2years $1,076
3154th Yaroslaw Petryna Yaroslaw Petryna 2years $1,076
3155th Tiffany Overstreet Tiffany Overstreet 2years $1,076
3156th Mando Perez Mando Perez $1,076
3157th Peggy Brink Peggy Brink $1,076
3158th Fisher Ames Fisher Ames $1,075
3158th Ronald R Williams Ronald R Williams $1,075
3160th Ben Coltharp Ben Coltharp $1,075
3160th Deanna Phouthavone Deanna Phouthavone 2years $305
3160th Satej Shinde Satej Shinde 2years $1,075
3162nd Rose Rybicki Rose Rybicki 4years $1,075
3163rd Debbie Kurth Debbie Kurth 4years $283
3163rd Kathleen Patrick Kathleen Patrick $1,075
3164th Tiffany Chin Tiffany Chin 2years $1,075
3165th Perry Stein Perry Stein $1,075
3166th Josh Howell Josh Howell 2years $1,074