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Rank Name Raised
3167th Austin Jennings Austin Jennings 2years $1,068
3168th Diana Cookson Diana Cookson $1,068
3169th David Koepfinger David Koepfinger 7years $1,068
3170th Tom Otten Tom Otten $1,068
3171st Jeff Desman Jeff Desman 4years $1,068
3172nd Doug Farrington Doug Farrington 4years $1,068
3173rd Dwayne Newton Dwayne Newton 3years $1,068
3174th Rosita Soliman Rosita Soliman 2years $1,067
3175th Amir Rozenberg Amir Rozenberg $1,067
3176th Mike Hildebrand Mike Hildebrand 4years $1,067
3176th Tanya Rios Tanya Rios 2years $1,067
3178th Ryne Bohn Ryne Bohn $1,067
3179th Danny Kissel Danny Kissel 2years $1,067
3180th Nannette Muench Nannette Muench 2years $1,067
3181st Steve Stearns Steve Stearns 2years $1,066
3182nd Sam Jenkins Sam Jenkins 3years $1,066
3183rd Laura Donckers Laura Donckers $1,066
3184th John Kriegel John Kriegel 2years $1,066
3185th Shelly Mossey Shelly Mossey 3years $1,066
3186th Lalit Kotecha Lalit Kotecha $1,065