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Rank Name Raised
3176th Bruce Griffiths Bruce Griffiths 2years $104
3176th Buddy Sims Buddy Sims 4years $104
3176th Calvin Privott Calvin Privott 4years $104
3176th Candace Grant Candace Grant 4years $104
3176th Carl Stone Carl Stone 2years $104
3176th Carlo Hansen Carlo Hansen $104
3176th Carlos Arakelian Carlos Arakelian 3years $104
3176th Carol  Peterson Carol Peterson 4years $104
3176th Carol Patterson Carol Patterson 2years $104
3176th Carrie Hanson Carrie Hanson 2years $104
3176th Cathy Harper Cathy Harper 4years $104
3176th Cecily Terhune Cecily Terhune 2years $104
3176th Celestino Perez Celestino Perez 6years $104
3176th Chad Tucker Chad Tucker 2years $104
3176th Charles Gurera Charles Gurera 3years $104
3176th Cherie Santos-Wuest Cherie Santos-Wuest 2years $104
3176th Chris Blanks Chris Blanks 2years $104
3176th Christine Callahan Christine Callahan 2years $104
3176th Christine Farley Christine Farley 3years $104
3176th Christine Feuz Christine Feuz 2years $104