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Rank Name Raised
7721st Christopher Tallman Christopher Tallman 5years $365
939th David Smith David Smith 3years $2,075
2429th Robert Botelho Robert Botelho 3years $1,080
2459th Samantha Cook Samantha Cook 5years $1,073
8199th Jill Scammell Smith Jill Scammell Smith 3years $307
5549th Yogesh Ruwali Yogesh Ruwali $559
380th Ed LASKOWSKI Ed LASKOWSKI 2years $3,302
8469th Jacob N Hacker Jacob N Hacker 3years $279
4327th Cory Sellers Cory Sellers 3years $691
1828th David Younglove David Younglove 3years $1,300
7155th Mark Robinson Mark Robinson $459
13075th Lukasz Iwanczewski Lukasz Iwanczewski $36
1728th Yaroslaw Petryna Yaroslaw Petryna 3years $1,349
1180th Jim Rossman Jim Rossman 3years $1,758
2418th Haley Rich Haley Rich $1,085
2415th Claudia Irrgang Claudia Irrgang 3years $1,085
515th Stewart Cruickshank Stewart Cruickshank 6years $2,873
5609th Kathryn Porter Kathryn Porter 6years $555
9426th Arthur Patten Arthur Patten 5years $201
5409th Megan Metaxas Hall Megan Metaxas Hall 2years $573