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Rank Name Raised
18249th Andrew Mancinelli Andrew Mancinelli 3years $21
2137th Jamie Simmons Jamie Simmons 4years $1,381
10752nd Michael Starnes Michael Starnes 2years $308
5453rd Carlos Diaz Carlos Diaz 2years $701
13931st Jaime R Lopez Jaime R Lopez $117
7028th David Long David Long $575
716th Jody Johnson Jody Johnson $2,760
1724th Julie Reilly Julie Reilly 4years $1,589
12143rd Sandra Cano Sandra Cano $565
N/A BTosz Roz BTosz Roz $0
4263rd Bryan Barrett Bryan Barrett 2years $853
534th Knut Finnevolden Knut Finnevolden $3,086
14220th Jason McBeth Jason McBeth $104
8508th David Leatherwood David Leatherwood David Leatherwood David Leatherwood $508
9563rd Jenny Murdock Jenny Murdock 2years $448
6467th Valerie Meyers Valerie Meyers 4years $613
3449th Danielle Sirekis Danielle Sirekis 3years $1,025
N/A Robert Morgan Robert Morgan 6years $0
7326th John Mahaffey John Mahaffey 3years $558
841st Victoria Brown Victoria Brown 3years $2,598