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Rank Name Raised
2943rd Dave Mailloux Dave Mailloux 3years $1,005
1108th Dennis Watters Dennis Watters 4years $1,858
738th Nina Bradford Nina Bradford 2years $2,441
10792nd Blake Yard Blake Yard $250
13250th Steve Blaisdell Steve Blaisdell $122
4898th Amy Bussie Amy Bussie 4years $684
8311th Jonathan Salmons Jonathan Salmons $453
1840th Paul Dougherty Paul Dougherty 3years $1,347
3896th Todd Underwood Todd Underwood 2years $813
12957th Ben Edgell Ben Edgell 2years $130
8439th Eric Cipponeri Eric Cipponeri 4years $443
1127th Michael Werle Michael Werle 2years $1,832
11486th Doug Routledge Doug Routledge $206
1247th Dawn Hintze Smith Dawn Hintze Smith $1,721
1714th Katy Ramos Katy Ramos $1,411
11152nd Austin Elliott Austin Elliott $225
101st Paul Rein Paul Rein 4years $5,574
9470th Michael Tapia Michael Tapia 2years $352
7174th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter 7years $516
2267th Tiegen Podliska Tiegen Podliska 7years $1,183