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Rank Name Raised
65th Chris Springer Chris Springer 3years $640
N/A Chris van Scoyk Chris van Scoyk 3years $0
N/A Chris Wiley Chris Wiley 3years $0
N/A Chris Wright Chris Wright $0
N/A Christian A. Gallarde Christian A. Gallarde $0
N/A Christian Bussiere Christian Bussiere $0
N/A Christina Carreon Christina Carreon $0
N/A Christina Garcia Christina Garcia 5years $0
N/A Christina Hunt Christina Hunt $0
N/A Christina Leach Christina Leach 3years $0
N/A Christina Pomilia Christina Pomilia $0
N/A Christina Wilson Christina Wilson 2years $0
N/A Christine Bauman Christine Bauman 5years $0
N/A Christine Colleran Christine Colleran $0
156th christine Felkel christine Felkel 4years $279
N/A Christine Sullivan Christine Sullivan 7years $0
263rd Christopher Clark Christopher Clark 2years $127
N/A Christopher Detrick Christopher Detrick 6years $0
N/A Christopher James Garcia Christopher James Garcia 2years $0
382nd Christopher Jamieson Christopher Jamieson 2years $72