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Rank Name Raised
N/A Chris Withers Chris Withers $0
3074th Diane Dorn Diane Dorn $1,051
4369th Will Freeman Will Freeman $840
21274th Jolene Preus Jolene Preus $36
1958th Robert Paradis Robert Paradis $1,338
1961st Louis Williams Jr Louis Williams Jr $1,337
16357th Esteban Carrillo Esteban Carrillo $135
N/A MJ Keymon MJ Keymon $0
2318th Ed Langone Ed Langone $1,218
10277th Devon Waldo Devon Waldo $493
6899th Juliana Jimenez Juliana Jimenez $616
N/A Dustin Helton Dustin Helton $0
6320th Ravi Moturi Ravi Moturi $654
N/A Bret Slater Bret Slater $0
104th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman $5,062
N/A Larry Peterson Larry Peterson $0
14375th Jonte Brown Jonte Brown $207
12439th Scott Starbuck Scott Starbuck $310
977th Mike Anderson Mike Anderson $2,029
4084th James Sampson James Sampson $882