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Rank Name Raised
953rd NP van Wyk NP van Wyk $2,039
5274th Raymond Weeden Raymond Weeden $732
20449th Joseph Abramczyk Joseph Abramczyk $50
6835th Jon Freeman Jon Freeman $615
6001st Adam Gonzalez Adam Gonzalez $669
2471st Christy LoupBianco Christy LoupBianco $1,164
1506th Tony Costa Tony Costa $1,541
8086th Christopher Marcus Rivera Christopher Marcus Rivera $549
17367th Gregory Cain Gregory Cain $104
5th Dennis Rowlen Dennis Rowlen $20,100
14227th francis ignacio francis ignacio $210
7913th Fred Kalita Fred Kalita $556
N/A Hollie Long Hollie Long $0
N/A Patrick Peck Patrick Peck $0
9728th Drew Wichterman Drew Wichterman $501
9699th Joe Paxton Joe Paxton $502
4490th Jean Toth Jean Toth $814
4831st Kevin Howland Kevin Howland $774
8276th William Vickery William Vickery $540
5570th Mark Carlstein Mark Carlstein $703