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Rank Name Raised
152nd Anil Thakur Anil Thakur 2years $538
152nd Anthony Santiago Anthony Santiago 3years $538
152nd Antony M Mutegi Antony M Mutegi 2years $538
152nd Arden Virnig Arden Virnig 7years $538
152nd Bill Kempert Bill Kempert 3years $538
152nd Carol Buckalew Carol Buckalew 2years $538
152nd Colby Ingram Colby Ingram 4years $538
152nd David Kouris David Kouris 4years $538
152nd David Wicks David Wicks 6years $538
152nd George Gibson George Gibson 4years $538
152nd Julie Gardiner Julie Gardiner 2years $538
152nd Lisa Nerkowski Lisa Nerkowski 4years $538
152nd Maverick Stevens Maverick Stevens 2years $538
152nd Michele Arnold Michele Arnold 7years $538
152nd Richard Cohn Richard Cohn 3years $538
152nd Rosendo Cruz Rosendo Cruz 7years $538
152nd Twilia Prater Craft Twilia Prater Craft 6years $538
N/A Kira Garrett Kira Garrett 2years $0
165th Emily Lattanzi Emily Lattanzi 2years $372
171st Diane Loughrey Diane Loughrey 3years $533