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Rank Name Raised
75th Andy Moss Andy Moss 6years $6,538
76th RICK WINTERS RICK WINTERS 5years $6,414
77th Randi Senzer Najac Randi Senzer Najac 3years $6,410
78th Doris Ray Doris Ray $6,395
79th Joshua Winer Joshua Winer 5years $1,619
79th Susanne Serna Susanne Serna 7years $6,363
80th Paul Dougherty Paul Dougherty 4years $6,329
81st Mary Lee Hilt Mary Lee Hilt 4years $6,323
82nd Landon Brown Landon Brown 3years $6,320
83rd Paul Elmaguid Paul Elmaguid $6,300
84th David Hill David Hill 2years $6,265
85th Sandy Lutz Sandy Lutz 6years $6,263
86th Clayton Saxour Clayton Saxour 2years $6,238
87th JC curry JC curry 2years $6,223
88th Darryl Godwin Darryl Godwin 3years $6,184
89th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich 7years $6,147
90th Gillian Goff Gillian Goff 2years $6,142
91st Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer 3years $6,141
92nd Ray Madaia Ray Madaia 3years $6,111
93rd Norma Cavazos Norma Cavazos 5years $6,087