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Rank Name Raised
189th John Fischer John Fischer 3years $1,107
190th Sylvia Waldsmith Sylvia Waldsmith 7years $1,104
191st Todd Osikowicz Todd Osikowicz $1,102
192nd Kevin Bella Kevin Bella 2years $1,095
N/A Theresa Tran Theresa Tran 2years $0
193rd Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman 4years $1,095
194th Raj Hora Raj Hora 5years $1,092
195th David Bogardus David Bogardus 2years $1,081
196th Darlene Rogers-Bisson Darlene Rogers-Bisson 3years $1,073
197th Dion Rigsby Dion Rigsby 3years $1,072
198th Dan Corria Dan Corria 7years $1,071
199th Mary Girouard Mary Girouard 3years $1,071
200th Paul Rachfalski Paul Rachfalski $1,066
201st Kayla White Kayla White $1,065
202nd Christophe Delhaze Christophe Delhaze 2years $1,065
203rd Barbara Raimo Barbara Raimo 5years $1,063
204th DeAun Nieto DeAun Nieto $1,056
205th Robin O'Dougherty Robin O'Dougherty 3years $1,051
206th colleen poulin colleen poulin 3years $1,051
207th John Bagley John Bagley 6years $1,049