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Rank Name Raised
134th Michael Walls Michael Walls $600
135th Megan Gegesky Megan Gegesky $597
136th Kathryn Crook Kathryn Crook $595
137th Rebecca Anthony Rebecca Anthony $592
138th Keith Young Keith Young $585
139th Charles Hanley Charles Hanley $583
140th Michael Ramsey Michael Ramsey $582
141st Samantha Knopf Samantha Knopf $574
142nd James Simmons James Simmons $571
143rd Paul Sedmak Paul Sedmak $570
144th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $563
145th Richard Khan Richard Khan $562
146th Dana Edwards Dana Edwards $562
147th Donald Villa Donald Villa $560
148th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $557
149th William Melilli William Melilli $554
150th Eric Himsel Eric Himsel $550
151st Michelle Griggs Michelle Griggs $545
151st Nancy Belanger Nancy Belanger $545
153rd Shannon Tabaldo Shannon Tabaldo $542