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Rank Name Raised
212th Rick Pease Rick Pease $323
213th Donna Reed Donna Reed $321
214th Michael Johnson Michael Johnson $320
215th Linda Porter Linda Porter $316
216th David Axtell David Axtell $316
N/A Ric Snead Ric Snead $0
217th Carole Goeckel Carole Goeckel $314
218th Sherry McGartland Sherry McGartland $314
219th Margaret Machoian Margaret Machoian $311
220th Thomas McNealy Thomas McNealy $310
221st Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen $308
222nd Eric Relich Eric Relich $305
222nd Tim Hughes Tim Hughes $305
224th John Ramey John Ramey $305
225th Hector Garcia Hector Garcia $304
226th Tracy Horning Tracy Horning $304
227th Nancy Fairchild Nancy Fairchild $302
228th Michael Salinas Michael Salinas $301
229th Alecia Healy Alecia Healy $300
230th daniel ainsworth daniel ainsworth $300