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Rank Name Raised
348th Verb Washington Verb Washington $208
349th Bill Lundy Bill Lundy $207
349th Doug Wood Doug Wood $207
349th Kristopher Lewis Kristopher Lewis $207
349th Sean Daly Sean Daly $207
353rd Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $207
354th Amy Hutka Amy Hutka $205
355th Shelly Bolt Shelly Bolt $205
356th Dana First Dana First $204
357th David Gugel David Gugel $204
357th Kevin Daly Kevin Daly $204
359th Mike Brown Mike Brown $202
360th Kayla Smith Kayla Smith $201
361st Randy Peavler Randy Peavler $201
362nd Sammy Porter Sammy Porter $201
363rd Chris Demler Chris Demler $200
363rd George Hoffman George Hoffman $200
363rd Herb Hooper Jr Herb Hooper Jr $200
363rd Lamar Nance Lamar Nance $200
363rd Margaret Carroll Margaret Carroll $200