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Rank Name Raised
365th Andy Schuller Andy Schuller $1,082
366th Michael Hernandez Michael Hernandez $1,082
367th John Roulo John Roulo $683
367th Victor Leyva Victor Leyva $1,081
368th Kyle Norris Kyle Norris $1,081
369th Gary Cormack Gary Cormack $1,078
370th Gerald Gott Gerald Gott $1,077
371st Bryan Buckley Bryan Buckley $1,077
372nd Susan Buck Susan Buck $1,075
373rd Bob Potter Bob Potter $1,075
374th Donna Martin Donna Martin $1,075
375th Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely $1,075
376th Trigg White Trigg White $1,074
377th Arlie Bice Arlie Bice $1,074
378th Maria Novak Maria Novak $1,073
379th Chuck Tyrpak Chuck Tyrpak $1,072
380th John Martin John Martin $1,071
381st Michael Walls Michael Walls $1,071
382nd Caleb Robinson Caleb Robinson $1,068
383rd Vicken Yanikian Vicken Yanikian $1,068