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Rank Name Raised
N/A James Klopping James Klopping $0
N/A James Langdon James Langdon $0
N/A James Mosley James Mosley $0
N/A James Simmons James Simmons $0
N/A Jana Mills Jana Mills $0
N/A Jane Fiery Jane Fiery $0
N/A Jane Ulrich Jane Ulrich $0
N/A Jason Hoag Jason Hoag $0
N/A Jason Montgomery Jason Montgomery $0
N/A Jayme Lawler Jayme Lawler $0
N/A Jean Sarchet Jean Sarchet $0
N/A Jeanne Ross Jeanne Ross $0
N/A Jeff Byrnes Jeff Byrnes $0
N/A Jeff Grover Jeff Grover $0
N/A Jeff Haynes Jeff Haynes $0
N/A Jeff Moore Jeff Moore $0
N/A Jeffery LaBombard Jeffery LaBombard $0
N/A Jeffrey Buzzell Jeffrey Buzzell $0
N/A Jeffrey Super Jeffrey Super $0
N/A Jen Vargas Jen Vargas $0