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Rank Name Raised
N/A Matthew French Matthew French $0
N/A Michael Meese Michael Meese $0
N/A Micheal McIntyre Micheal McIntyre $0
N/A MK Reesor MK Reesor $0
N/A Pablo Hernandez Pablo Hernandez $0
N/A Paul Cole Paul Cole $0
N/A Rick Mosher Rick Mosher $0
N/A Rory Crawford Rory Crawford $0
19th Sam Paisley Sam Paisley $50
N/A Scott Paciorek Scott Paciorek $0
N/A stephen lind stephen lind $0
N/A Steven Blaine Steven Blaine $0
N/A Stuart Perry Stuart Perry $0
N/A Susie Martin Susie Martin $0
N/A Taylor lewin Taylor lewin $0
N/A Terrance Trybus Terrance Trybus $0
N/A Tony Haldaway Tony Haldaway $0
7th Vincent Marcellus Vincent Marcellus $122.45
N/A Will Carey Will Carey $0
N/A Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton $0