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Rank Name Raised
N/A CeCe Auton CeCe Auton $0
N/A Celia Brierley Celia Brierley $0
N/A Chad Dollar Chad Dollar $0
N/A Chad Douglas Chad Douglas $0
N/A CHad Krcma CHad Krcma $0
22nd Chad Velta Chad Velta $305.33
N/A Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $0
N/A Char Patrick Char Patrick $0
N/A Charles Ragsdale Charles Ragsdale $0
N/A Charles Ward Charles Ward $0
N/A Charlotte Cerminaro Charlotte Cerminaro $0
N/A Charlotte Hurley Charlotte Hurley $0
N/A Chelsea Grube Chelsea Grube $0
70th Cheryl Bolton Cheryl Bolton $103.50
118th Cheryl Sazama Cheryl Sazama $50
N/A Cheryl Sorensen Cheryl Sorensen $0
N/A Chitra Franks Chitra Franks $0
N/A Chloe Walbruch Chloe Walbruch $0
N/A Chris Cunningham Chris Cunningham $0
49th Chris Edmunds Chris Edmunds $165