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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jay Last Jay Last $0
N/A Jerome Lapus Jerome Lapus $0
2160th Ron Padilla Ron Padilla $1,322
21709th Robert Smail Robert Smail $36
6077th Susan Abbott Susan Abbott $698
3730th Sean Frazier Sean Frazier $1,005
11342nd Gerri Tankersley Gerri Tankersley $2,293
184th Bruce Josefson Bruce Josefson $4,236
13383rd Sharon Faulk Sharon Faulk $276
5589th Kristine CAMPBELL Kristine CAMPBELL $742
N/A Denny Leffler Denny Leffler $0
1473rd Tammy Wysk Tammy Wysk $1,661
720th Ryan Novak Ryan Novak $2,564
10020th William R Ortiz Jr William R Ortiz Jr $186
N/A Lisa Huffman Lisa Huffman $0
N/A sharad Jha sharad Jha $0
N/A Robbie Ready Robbie Ready $0
23922nd Chanakya Tirumala Chanakya Tirumala $20
19663rd Osef Illustration Osef Illustration $67
N/A Van Pham Van Pham $0