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Rank Name Raised
9078th Bill Mickle Bill Mickle $536
4375th Robert Bunnell Robert Bunnell $880
715th Hector Tamayo Hector Tamayo $2,567
N/A Timothy McBride Timothy McBride $0
5947th Danielle Worthington Danielle Worthington $708
N/A Kwame Edwards Kwame Edwards $0
5232nd Dustan Martin Dustan Martin $773
17336th Arnetta Miner Arnetta Miner $114
6778th Chet Brzezinski Chet Brzezinski $647
2794th Sergio Lopez Sergio Lopez $1,149
392nd Brian Postma Brian Postma $3,174
4458th Andrew Meddoff Andrew Meddoff $866
3165th David Heffner David Heffner $1,079
40th Mike Ice Mike Ice $7,749
19221st Randy Robinson Randy Robinson $72
800th Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero $2,502
12509th James Walters James Walters $331
13315th Felito Medina Felito Medina $280
23568th Nathan Wentz Nathan Wentz $21
4081st Joe Huling Joe Huling $937