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Rank Name Raised
96th Margaret Carroll Margaret Carroll $1,033
97th Kim Nelson Hanson Kim Nelson Hanson $1,026
98th John Huffman John Huffman $1,025
99th Nathan Foose Nathan Foose $1,022
100th Paul Cupp Paul Cupp $1,017
101st Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $1,012
102nd kenny harris kenny harris $1,004
103rd Kelly Bair Kelly Bair $1,001
104th Amanda Massih Amanda Massih $1,000
105th Cheryl Caponetta-Lomeli Cheryl Caponetta-Lomeli $995
105th Rafael DeOliveira Rafael DeOliveira $1,001
106th Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu $982
107th Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $957
108th Cindy Myrick Cindy Myrick $955
109th Trigg White Trigg White $950
110th Jerry Snyder Jerry Snyder $950
111th Laura Zuchovicki Laura Zuchovicki $944
112th Michael Weitzman Michael Weitzman $933
113th Ketil Solvik-Olsen Ketil Solvik-Olsen $933
114th Ocean Babin Ocean Babin $927