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Rank Name Raised
330th Vincent Urbain Vincent Urbain 3years $835
331st John Powers John Powers 5years $834
332nd Cherie Moreno Cherie Moreno $833
333rd Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton 4years $831
334th Lisa Atkinson Lisa Atkinson $828
335th Peter Moulton Peter Moulton $827
336th Robin Haas Robin Haas 3years $825
337th Jeff Vitale Jeff Vitale 3years $823
338th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 4years $822
339th William Gaudette William Gaudette 2years $821
340th Jackie Nieman Jackie Nieman 4years $819
341st Clifford Wilcox Clifford Wilcox 2years $818
342nd Brian Osborne Brian Osborne 3years $818
343rd Faith Wilcox Faith Wilcox $812
344th Mark Mitri Mark Mitri 4years $810
345th Kathy Kayati Kennedy Kathy Kayati Kennedy 3years $809
346th Denise LaChall-Waite Denise LaChall-Waite 4years $809
347th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett 3years $807
348th Mary Hurley Mary Hurley 2years $807
349th Roger Pugh Roger Pugh 6years $807