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Rank Name Raised
3501st Robert Riggs Robert Riggs 5years $831
11223rd Edwin Groby Edwin Groby 3years $100
347th Phil Darrow Phil Darrow 4years $3,502
616th Ed Davis Ed Davis 4years $2,652
1276th Dylan Lewis Dylan Lewis 4years $1,668
3067th Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp 5years $937
N/A Kim Miller Kim Miller 4years $0
1296th William Gaudette William Gaudette 2years $1,648
1856th Adam Rindlisbacher Adam Rindlisbacher 2years $1,282
7727th Adam Rouillier Adam Rouillier 4years $364
9480th Jason Mower Jason Mower $197
786th Bobby Clifton Bobby Clifton 3years $2,456
4633rd brad medellin brad medellin 4years $648
3439th Kim Lunna Kim Lunna $839
83rd Paul Elmaguid Paul Elmaguid $6,300
655th John Schmitt John Schmitt 2years $2,605
2170th Kevin Nguyen Kevin Nguyen $1,157
576th Steven Bailey Steven Bailey 4years $2,729
N/A Tony Mills Tony Mills 2years $0
N/A Robert Billette Robert Billette $0