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Rank Name Raised
120th Buddy Collins Buddy Collins 3years $5,380
121st Nicholas Chappell Nicholas Chappell 2years $5,371
122nd David Freund David Freund 4years $5,369
123rd Shannon Fogarty Shannon Fogarty 6years $5,355
124th Mary Lynn Grizzell Mary Lynn Grizzell 3years $5,347
125th DeVon Wiens DeVon Wiens $5,343
126th Danny Henderson Danny Henderson 2years $5,328
127th andrew weiner andrew weiner 2years $5,323
128th Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson 2years $5,315
129th Zach Jurney Zach Jurney 3years $5,307
130th Jeffery LaBombard Jeffery LaBombard 6years $5,304
131st Kenny Ott Kenny Ott 4years $5,246
132nd jc curry jc curry $5,214
133rd Donald Adetoye Donald Adetoye 2years $5,197
134th Sean Strother Sean Strother 2years $5,192
135th Larry Schieve Larry Schieve 4years $5,142
136th Mary Lee Hilt Mary Lee Hilt 3years $5,122
137th Ray Madaia Ray Madaia 2years $5,109
138th Jesse Davis Jesse Davis 4years $5,107
139th Lisa Christiansen Lisa Christiansen 4years $5,104