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Rank Name Raised
193rd Dan Parmelee Dan Parmelee $4,200
193rd Mel Parise Mel Parise $520
194th Kayla Rompala Kayla Rompala $4,193
195th Lindy Creech Lindy Creech $4,188
196th Craig Brackett Craig Brackett $4,187
196th Richard C. Grahn Richard C. Grahn $732
197th Diane Downing Diane Downing $4,183
198th Kim Girkins Kim Girkins $4,172
199th Melissa Tank Melissa Tank $4,170
200th Susan Shimamura Susan Shimamura $4,167
201st Clay Knisley Clay Knisley $4,157
202nd Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor $4,133
203rd Tim McCann Tim McCann $4,112
204th Greg Guardiano Greg Guardiano $4,095
205th Ronald Wilds Ronald Wilds $4,081
206th Jessica Lehrner Jessica Lehrner $4,078
207th Gwenael Lomenech Gwenael Lomenech $4,049
208th Phil Deruvo Phil Deruvo $4,043
209th Lynn Nichols Lynn Nichols $4,040
210th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings $4,031