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Rank Name Raised
139th Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $75
139th Nicole Murray Nicole Murray $75
139th Valerie Piarowski Johnson Valerie Piarowski Johnson $75
139th Vicki Robertson Vicki Robertson $75
144th George P Manuel George P Manuel $72
144th Jill Baker Jill Baker $72
144th Nicola Scott Nicola Scott $72
144th Sandy Messerle Sandy Messerle $72
144th Sharon Blakeney Sharon Blakeney $72
149th Allan Nash Allan Nash $72
149th Don Munkres Don Munkres $72
149th Francisco Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez $72
149th Isaura Gonzalez Isaura Gonzalez $72
149th Karl Carrigan Karl Carrigan $72
149th Maria Novak Maria Novak $72
149th Pete Wingier Pete Wingier $72
149th Verb Washington Verb Washington $72
157th Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban $71
158th Bob Bois Bob Bois $70
158th Donna Terry Moens Donna Terry Moens $70