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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andrea Pepe Wilder Andrea Pepe Wilder $0
N/A Andres Ortega Andres Ortega $0
146th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $161
N/A Andrew Cataneo Andrew Cataneo $0
N/A Andrew Delahaut Andrew Delahaut $0
N/A Andrew Harrell Andrew Harrell $0
N/A Andrew Litecky Andrew Litecky $0
N/A Andrew Parker Andrew Parker $0
N/A Andrew Skiles Andrew Skiles $0
N/A Andrew Staffileno Andrew Staffileno $0
N/A Andrew Toews Andrew Toews $0
N/A Andrew Vellani Andrew Vellani $0
180th Andrew Yarter Andrew Yarter $120
N/A Andrzej Gryszko Andrzej Gryszko $0
N/A Andy Bradley Andy Bradley $0
123rd Andy Brough Andy Brough $197
236th Andy McGravy Andy McGravy $87
N/A Andy Moss Andy Moss $0
421st Angel Castrillo Angel Castrillo $35
N/A Angel Resendiz Angel Resendiz $0