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Rank Name Raised
7710th Stephen lind Stephen lind 5years $501
7711th Kerry L Angilly Kerry L Angilly $501
7711th Taylor Swarthout Taylor Swarthout 3years $124
7712th Tasha Anne Powell Tasha Anne Powell $501
7713th Dan Motto Dan Motto 2years $501
7714th Benjamin Tamms Benjamin Tamms $501
7715th Eric Lopez Eric Lopez 2years $501
7716th JoJo Tarantino JoJo Tarantino 2years $501
7717th Anita Elder Anita Elder $501
7717th Carlton Barnes Carlton Barnes $501
7717th Chris Seaton Chris Seaton 2years $501
7717th Jill Scammell Smith Jill Scammell Smith 2years $501
7721st Couri Childs Couri Childs $501
7721st Greg Gusloff Greg Gusloff 2years $501
7723rd Sarah Nezamzadeh Sarah Nezamzadeh $501
7724th Michelle Miranda Michelle Miranda $501
N/A Greg Mix Greg Mix 2years $0
7725th Michael Amstadt Michael Amstadt $501
7726th Jessica Brotsch Jessica Brotsch $501
7727th Tom Fallon Tom Fallon $501