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Rank Name Raised
7766th Brenda and Derek Sanchez Brenda and Derek Sanchez 2years $500
7766th Jesse Czach Jesse Czach $500
7766th Ray Porreca Ray Porreca $500
7766th Steven Costanzo Steven Costanzo 3years $500
7770th Aubrey Gomes Aubrey Gomes 2years $500
7771st Brandon Fitch Brandon Fitch $500
7772nd Danny Coronado Danny Coronado $500
7772nd Eric Holmes Eric Holmes $500
7772nd James Spillane James Spillane 4years $500
7772nd Jason Young Jason Young 2years $500
7772nd kyle deglow kyle deglow 2years $500
7772nd Lorenzo Chuca Lorenzo Chuca 2years $500
7772nd Nancy Wilsman Nancy Wilsman 4years $500
7772nd RC Catt RC Catt 5years $500
7772nd Tom Martin Tom Martin 6years $500
7781st Victor Moore Victor Moore 7years $500
7782nd Cindy White Kowis Cindy White Kowis $500
7783rd Angela Casteel Angela Casteel $500
7783rd Barbara Schickler Barbara Schickler 2years $500
7783rd Crystal Elington Crystal Elington $500