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Rank Name Raised
N/A Nicholas Scott Fink Nicholas Scott Fink 2years $0
N/A Vivek Sharma Vivek Sharma $0
8693rd bill fairweather bill fairweather $456
4663rd Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson 6years $742
10062nd Sara Hake Sara Hake $329
1303rd Pastor William Longmore Pastor William Longmore $1,742
7921st Fred Amos Fred Amos $505
5772nd Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic 5years $631
4617th Monika Janik Monika Janik 3years $748
8931st Dale Johnson Dale Johnson 2years $437
3221st Ken DeLong Ken DeLong 5years $1,003
6988th L Scott L Scott 2years $547
5190th Tim Loughnane Tim Loughnane $685
N/A June Matzke June Matzke 6years $0
43rd Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger 4years $8,641
9078th Paul Cary Paul Cary 4years $425
7203rd Carl Hancock Carl Hancock 6years $535
932nd Guy Wolf Guy Wolf 3years $2,236
9114th Norman Baker Norman Baker $421
982nd Josh Sebree Josh Sebree $2,146