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Rank Name Raised
457th Dustin Langevin Dustin Langevin 3years $3,049
5675th Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic 5years $631
N/A Richard Elliott Richard Elliott 3years $0
5195th Tom James Tom James 5years $675
758th Denise Forcione Lozito Denise Forcione Lozito 3years $2,504
8021st Couri Childs Couri Childs $501
16364th Tom Buckley Tom Buckley 3years $36
706th Chuck Tyrpak Chuck Tyrpak 7years $2,571
12176th Steve Ballou Steve Ballou 3years $176
162nd Eric Shepard Eric Shepard 6years $4,799
8723rd Ray Anderson Ray Anderson 3years $442
N/A Philip Saharchuk Philip Saharchuk 2years $0
12672nd Richard Borget Richard Borget 4years $154
172nd RICHARD MOLL RICHARD MOLL 4years $4,647
13791st Steven Jakubowski Steven Jakubowski 2years $104
3989th Scott Wojtkowiak Scott Wojtkowiak $824
2089th Douglas Auld Douglas Auld 2years $1,281
15331st Huascar Beato Huascar Beato $61
9950th Sara Hake Sara Hake $329
749th Bradley Marks Bradley Marks $2,511