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Rank Name Raised
326th Vince Dragani Vince Dragani $562
327th Andy Yu Andy Yu $560
328th Donald Villa Donald Villa $560
329th Greg McConnell Greg McConnell $559
330th Archie Johnson Archie Johnson $558
331st Michael Albert Michael Albert $556
332nd Angel Alonso Angel Alonso $900
332nd Rick Weinhold Rick Weinhold $555
333rd Renee Brown Renee Brown $554
334th Moshe Asher Moshe Asher $554
335th Scott Child Scott Child $554
336th William Melilli William Melilli $554
337th Mattie Rogers Mattie Rogers $552
338th Terrence McGee Terrence McGee $552
339th Zachary Williams Zachary Williams $551
340th Dave Roberts Dave Roberts $551
341st Trevor Sigman Trevor Sigman $550
342nd Shane Alimo Shane Alimo $550
343rd Tom Bradford Tom Bradford $549
344th Charles Staal Charles Staal $549