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Rank Name Raised
19th Craig Hentcy Craig Hentcy $50
19th Eric Cipponeri Eric Cipponeri $50
19th Jessica Rummery Jessica Rummery $50
19th Sam Paisley Sam Paisley $50
19th Sara Camus Sara Camus $50
25th Angel Castrillo Angel Castrillo $35
25th Bernice Toler Bernice Toler $35
25th Mary Paskett Mary Paskett $35
28th Jessica Renee Jessica Renee $25.88
28th Patrick Castiglia Patrick Castiglia $25.88
30th Connie Reeves Connie Reeves $25
30th Dan Barringer Dan Barringer $25
30th Jennifer Roberts Jennifer Roberts $25
30th VanillaFudge Thunder VanillaFudge Thunder $25
34th Garry Rodriguez Garry Rodriguez $20
35th John Martin John Martin $10.35
35th Otto Enax Otto Enax $10.35
37th Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $10
38th Abraham Lopez Abraham Lopez $6.20
39th Gavin McAlister Gavin McAlister $5.18