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Rank Name Raised
78th Alina Holmes Alina Holmes $50
78th Amanda Curren Amanda Curren $50
78th Amy Seigle Amy Seigle $50
78th Bradley Readnour Bradley Readnour $50
78th Craig Hentcy Craig Hentcy $50
78th Don Bundock Don Bundock $50
78th Eric Cipponeri Eric Cipponeri $50
78th Erin Moore Erin Moore $50
78th Jenn Bushman Jenn Bushman $50
78th Jennifer Buda Jennifer Buda $50
78th Jessica Rummery Jessica Rummery $50
78th Juany Leal Juany Leal $50
78th Kelly Vlasis Kelly Vlasis $50
78th Larry Kobriger Larry Kobriger $50
78th Lynn Warnock Lynn Warnock $50
78th Maureen Karbowski Maureen Karbowski $50
78th Mike Howell Mike Howell $50
78th Nancy Fairchild Nancy Fairchild $50
78th Nancy Waller Nancy Waller $50
78th Raj Hora Raj Hora $50